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The AACE Key Contact Corner is a regular feature of First Messenger that highlights AACE members who serve as AACE Key Contacts and related Key Contact program activities. We hope by learning more about the AACE Key Contact Program, you will be encouraged to sign-up as an AACE Key Contact and participate in AACE advocacy activities.


November/December 2018:

"Nevada-AACE Advocacy"
By Nevada AACE Leadership

Sept/Oct 2018:

"My Experiences with AACE Advocacy"
By Dr. Annaswamy Raji (New Jersey)

May/June 2018:

"Key Contact Quotes"
By Various AACE Key Contact Members

January/February 2018:

"Carolinas-AACE Chapter and AACE Advocacy"
By Dr. Elizabeth Holt (North Carolina) and Dr. Sandra Weber (South Carolina)


November/December 2017:

"Tapping Into Our Greatest Strength"
By Dr. Pavan Chava (Louisiana)

May/June 2017:

"Become an AACE Key Contact - We Need to Have Our Voices Heard"
By Dr. Marc Gutin (California)

January/February 2017:

"The Problem with Knowledge"
By Dr. Richard Dolinar (Arizona)


November/December 2016:

"My Experience as an AACE Key Contact"
from Your AACE Colleagues

September/October 2016:

"District Meetings and the Relationships that Come of Them"
By Dr. Edward Condon (New York)

May/June 2016:

"AACE Key Contact Program Honor Roll"

March/April 2016:

"Get Involved-Become An AACE Key Contact"
By Dr. Ved Gossain (Michigan)

January/February 2016:

“AACE Key Contact Program Unscramble”
Unscramble Answer Key


November/December 2015:

“Report on New England-AACE Chapter's Legislative/Socioeconomic Committee”
by Dr. Annaswamy Raji (New Hampshire) and Dr. William Sullivan (Massachusetts)

September/October 2015:

“Become an AACE Key Contact - The Future of Medicine Depends on It”
by Dr. Steve Fordan (Texas)

July/August 2015:

"AACE Key Contact Program Honor Roll"

March/April 2015:

"Who are the New Members of the U.S. Senate?"
by the AACE Key Contact Program

January/February 2015:

"Have You Remembered to Update Your Key Contact Relationships?"
by the AACE Key Contact Program


November/December 2014:

"Help AACE Have A Strong Voice In the New Congress"
by the AACE Key Contact Program

September/October 2014:

"The Fight Against Diabetes: We've Got to DM AACE it!"
by Dr. Paul Aoun (Florida)

July/August 2014:

Key Contact Program Update
by the AACE Key Contact Program

February / March 2014:

"Are You a Registered AACE Key Contact Member?”
by the AACE Key Contact Program

December 2013 / January 2014:

"Test Your Knowledge About AACE’s Signature Diabetes Bill”
by the AACE Key Contact Program


October / November 2013:

"Strengthening the Voice of Clinical Endocrinology on Capitol Hill"
by the AACE Key Contact Program

August / September 2013

"Why Your Chapter Should Have a Legislative/Socioeconomic Advocacy Committee"
by Dr. Anne Leddy (Virginia)

June / July 2013

"The Annual Visitation to Congress"
by Dr. Kathleen Figaro (Tennessee)

April / May 2013

"Getting a Strong Dose of Reality in DC"
by Dr. David Bybee (Kentucky)


December 2012 / January 2013

"Children Remind Us of the Obvious"
by Dr. Gregory Peterson (Iowa)

October / November 2012

"Become an AACE Key Contact: Use Your Influence to Impact the Challenges We Face in Washington, D.C."
by the AACE Key Contact Program

August / September 2012

“How I Became an AACE Key Contact... It's Easy to Make a Difference
by Dr. Elizabeth Holt (North Carolina)

June / July 2012

“Why Be Political?
by Dr. John Stokes (Illinois)

April / May 2012

“What I have learned in my six months of AACE Grassroots Advocacy
by Dr. Katherine Roberts (Virginia)

February / March 2012

“Experience at the Hill
by Dr. Lubna Ahmad (Nevada)

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