American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

Resources for District Meetings

The effectiveness of an organization in U.S. politics is measured by its access to Members of Congress. AACE, despite its small size, has developed a network of important contacts within the current Congress. We need to extend our reach to the new Members and continue our good relationship with the veteran Members of the House and Senate.

Meeting with your Representative and Senators in the district or state is a great way to engage lawmakers on issues and to start establishing a relationship with them. Members of Congress have fewer distractions when they are back home, which allows them to give more time and attention to your visit and the issues you want to discuss. Local town hall meetings and community forums hosted by Members of Congress also provide an important and unique opportunity for you to interact with your elected officials.

AACE staff is happy to assist in scheduling a congressional meeting for you. Please contact Kate Sullivan Hare, Chief Public Affairs Officer, to discuss setting up a visit, if you have any questions or need materials for visits. AACE staff would also very much like to hear about any meetings you have with your legislators.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in AACE advocacy activities!


Consider becoming an AACE Key Contact Member to serve as an AACE liaison with your Members of Congress. Click here for more information.

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