American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

ECNU CME Recertification Tracker

ECNU Recertification is required at ten (10) year intervals effective as of the date of ECNU certification. Part of the recertification process requires the submission of documentation verifying the completion of a minimum of 15 CME hours of AMA recognized Category 1 CME in ultrasound performed at each three (3) year segment (i.e. 5 CME credits per year) during the prior ten (10) year interval (equaling 50 or more total CME credit hours during the ten (10) year cycle). Documentation must be in the form of certificates or letters issued by the accrediting organization.

This site will allow you to submit and store CME documents as you receive them. When you are ready to apply for recertification, this site will allow retrieval of documents for the recertification process.

To log-in, submit and store documents, enter your certification number in the box indicated below. Your certification number can be found on your ECNU certificate or by contacting the AACE Certification Manager

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