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Mentorship Mission Statement

The AACE Mentorship program is designed to facilitate the transition from Endocrinology Fellowship training to Endocrinology practice in academic, hospital, multi-specialty group, endocrine group or private solo office settings. The program attempts to pair emerging endocrinologists (Mentees) with established endocrinologists (Mentors) by country and by practice type with the intention of providing wise practice counsel and life advice via internet or phone. Domestic mentors may opt to work with non-domestic fellows if they so designate. In general, the focus of the program will be to link emerging and established endocrinologists with similar practice interests from the same country.

Mentorship Communication Guidelines

The AACE Mentorship Program is designed to facilitate the passage of conventional practice wisdom from one generation of endocrinologists to the next without restraint. Any abuses of this free-flowing relationship should be reported to the Director of Membership of AACE at 904-353-7878.


  • AACE Membership is required for Mentees and Mentors
  • Mentees will be endocrine fellows in training and AACE member residents by special permission from staff
  • Mentors interested in participating sign up online through the mentorship website
  • Mentees interested in finding a mentor sign up online and have the opportunity to search for and choose 2 to 5 qualified Mentors on AACE's database based on country of origin and practice type
  • The Mentees selection will be marked as "Pending"
  • Mentees' selection will be finalized by staff with emails to both parties
  • Mentees are limited to one Mentor at a time
  • Mentors may have up to three Mentees

Tips for Success

  • Mentees are expected to initiate the relationship
  • Prior to the first interaction, Mentees should write down at least three issues they would like to address during the mentoring sessions
  • Mentees and Mentors are encouraged to complete documentation of their encounters
  • Mentees and Mentors work together to discuss and to accomplish goals
  • Mentees and Mentors should agree upon the frequency, length and nature of their meetings (phone, internet chat), and make sure to be prompt with appointments

Helpful Resources

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Reflection-Mentor PDF
Planning your Relationship PDF
What to Expect from your Mentoring Relationship PDF
Goals PDF
Tips to Enhance your Mentoring Experience PDF

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