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Personalized Training at Your Convenience!

Personalized Training

Did you know AACE offers personalized training services for you and your office.  Training is designed for physicians, non-physicians, coders, billers, practice mangers, pharma companies etc.  The personalized training provides a tailored presentation session focusing on topics of your choice using endocrine specific examples at a location, date and time of your choice just for you and your staff.   Personalized training provides specifics on policy, coding, and billing guidelines relevant to your local, state and regional Medicare Administrative Contractor.  

What’s in it for you?

  • All staff will hear the same information.
  • No travel expenses for up to 5 members from your office.
  • YOU control date and time for course.

​Space requirements:

  • classroom/boardroom style seating for presentation
  • projector screen or large TV so presentations can be viewed by participants (AACE provides laptop and projector)

All courses and packages designed for physicians, non-physicians, or non-clinical staff who are directly involved with documentation, coding and or billing.   

Personalized/private training does not include food, snacks, or beverages.  Additional fees are required for CME credit.

Training Fees

One day training $3000 plus *travel expenses for AACE staff 
Two day training $5000 plus *travel expenses for AACE staff

(economy air, lodging, food, travel, taxis, tips, shipment of materials, etc.)

Your Office Can Host an AACE Coding Course

Members and Non-Members of AACE can HOST a one or two day coding course to their office/space (hospital/clinic etc.) at little to no cost to AACE and in return AACE offers 5 complimentary registrations of the host’s choosing (physicians, staff, etc.) upon the successful registration of a minimum of ten (10) paying registrants. 

What’s in it for you?

  • All staff will hear the same information.
  • No travel expenses for up to 5 members from your office.
  • YOU control date and time for course.

** AACE members are proud to “assist” in the branding of AACE as the “one stop shop for everything endocrine”**

What are the hosts responsibilities?

  • Determine date and times (weekdays and weekends available).  (Host must allow at least four (4) months in order to appropriately advertise)
  • Advertise to local peers/hospitals/medical societies through email/fax/posting flyers etc. to help with attendance
    (AACE provides flyers/brochures registration forms).
  • Coordinate with AACE staff on set up and on sight details.
  • Provide space (requirements below) at no cost to AACE (space can be an office or hospital board/training room, hotel meeting room, local medical society meeting rooms, or other community space/similar meeting space).

       Space Requirements:

  • have classroom/boardroom style seating that would comfortably seat 20-25 participants
  • facillity must allow outside food and beverage to be brought in from a local restaurant or have an inside REASONABLE catering service to provide participants food and beverage
  • have an AV set up (screen, projector, cords, and AV support) so presentations can be viewed by participants (AACE can provide projector if all other conditions are met and is more cost effective);
  • allow for outside “public” registrations (some hospitals will not allow events that have a fee attached to them and/or will not benefit society as a whole); and,
  • location must be in close proximity to hotels/restaurants/hospitals/clinics to be convenient for out of town attendees
  • reasonable and convenient parking for attendees

AACE Responsibilities:

  • create all advertisements (emails/brochures/flyers) and advertise for the course
  • handle all registrations and/or cancelations
  • organize all food, beverage and/or catering 
  • create, print (if required), and provide presentations/handouts 


**Due to liability reasons, personalized and/or hosted training services do not provide:

  • Chart audits or medical records review however, AACE has partnered with PMI to offer this service to our members.  Click here for more information.
  • Recommend/review/determine etc.
    • Better/efficient/more compliant work flows
    • EHR systems and/or workarounds
    • Staffing issues/challenges/changes


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